Surprisingly Easy Ways to Sell Your House Fast In Kansas City

Do you need to sell your home in Kansas City fast? Selling a house is stressful enough. But, if you’ve got a serious deadline to sell your house, it can be even more nerve-wracking.

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your Kansas City (KC) house fast. Maybe you’re relocating, need to resolve a financial situation, or deal with a personal crisis. It doesn’t matter your reason for selling—there are ways to make a quick sale on your home without losing money on its value.

Here at Norton Home Solutions, we have many years of experience helping local folks in Kansas City, Missouri, to sell their homes quickly. We are local real estate investors who buy houses for cash in any condition. So we want to share our experience to help you find the right deal for your home.

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Factors Affecting the Sale of Your Home

Most Kansas City residents who put their homes up for sale usually want to sell as fast as possible. Sometimes, you get fortunate, and the right buyer comes along as soon as your house hits the market. However, that doesn’t always happen—and it’s certainly not guaranteed.

If you need to sell your home fast, there are a few factors to remember that affect any property’s sale.

Here are some things that determine how fast you can sell your home:

  • Location—Your home’s location usually has a significant bearing on the speed of the sale. If your property is near amenities and in a highly desirable neighborhood, you are almost guaranteed a quick sale.
  • Market conditions—The real estate market’s health in Missouri also affects if you can sell your Kansas City house fast or not. A buyer’s market makes it harder to sell a home. This is because supply exceeds demand. So, there are plenty of houses for sale, but few buyers.
  • Condition of the house—The home’s condition also reflects in the speed of the sale. Poorly-maintained houses that need extensive repairs, or have a poor inspection report are hard to sell. However, there are also ways to sell a Kansas City, MO, house in any condition fast.

Simple Strategies to Sell a Kansas City House Fast

According to some estimates, it can take around three months in Kansas City to sell a house through an estate agent. But what can you do if you don’t have so long? How can you sell a home in less than a month?

Here are some ways to ensure a quick sale on your KC house.

Sell your house fast to a real estate investor

The fastest way to sell your house is to find a local, trusted real estate investor. Property investors buy houses for cash and can complete the deal in as little as seven days. You can expect a real estate investor to give fair-cash offers on any type of property.

When selling your house to a Kansas City real estate investor, you should be prepared to balance the speed of sale with the cash offer. Usually, if you need to sell your house in super-quick time, you can’t wait for a real estate agent to arrange the sale. So, a fair, all-cash offer will guarantee the sale of your house in a matter of weeks, not months.

Sell your own house (FSBO)

For Sale By Owner is another way to sell a house fast in Kansas City. Selling your property FSBO means you manage the complete sale of the property. The advantage of FSBO is that you save a ton of money on real estate agent fees. This allows you to list the house for less than similar neighborhood houses to attract the most buyers.

The disadvantage of selling your own house is that it’s time-intensive. You may also not have the marketing skills to give your home the best exposure in the housing market.

Find a real estate agent

You could try to find a real estate agent who has a proven track record of selling KC houses fast. However, many Kansas City homeowners say that it’s rare when estate agents sell houses quickly. Here’s why:

  • They list your home along with many others, so there’s little incentive to promote the sale of your house.
  • Real estate agents take a six-percent commission fee, so they’re likely to hold out for the best buyer.
  • Buyers have to arrange appraisals, get a mortgage approval, and write contingencies into the sale agreement. This usually holds up the sale of a property by many weeks.
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How to Find Real Estate Investors Who Buy Homes Fast

Finding a real estate investor is the only way to guarantee a fast sale on your Kansas City house. How can investors buy your home fast? Here are a few reasons:

  • Real estate investors don’t wait to wait for financing; they have the cash ready to buy your house.
  • Real estate investors buy houses in any condition, so there’s no need to carry out extensive property repairs.
  • Real estate investors are not dependent on contingencies.
  • Real estate investors have a proven track record in the local neighborhood of buying houses for cash.

How can you find a Kansas City investor if you need to sell your home fast? You can do an Internet search for “sell my house for cash in Kansas City” or “sell my house in any condition.”

Or you can reach out to Norton Home Solutions at (816) 685-0260 or fill out the easy website form on this page. Our team of advisors is ready to make a fair cash offer on your home today.

Other Selling Strategies to Sell Your House Fast

Regardless of how you plan to sell your Kansas City house, there are a few more handy tips to increase the sale speed. You can also use this advice if you sell your home through a real estate agent, FSBO, or an investor.

Declutter your house

One of the best ways to sell your house fast is to declutter and clean your house. Put all personal items into storage and remove two-thirds of stuff from closets. Getting your home ready to sell this way helps to showcase storage space and each room’s potential.

Price your house right

If you decide to sell your house FSBO, do some market research on your home’s value. To do this, compare similar house sales in your neighborhood in the previous six months. This method is also useful if you sell to an investor. After all, you want to sell your house for the best price possible.

Make quick repairs

Selling your house fast means you don’t have time for major repair work. However, you can accomplish much by getting easy fixes done. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colors can transform a room. Also, make sure you fix loose tiles, repair damages baseboards, and fix leaking faucets.

Improve curb appeal

Tidying up your home’s exterior gives any potential buyer a great first impression. When buyers approach your home, they should notice that the hedges and shrubs are well-trimmed, the lawn is lush and green, there is no debris lying around, and the external paintwork is clean.

Hold an open house

If you have prepared your property to sell it, you can arrange to have a weekend open house to help sell your home faster. An open house gets multiple buyers through the door and increases your chance of a sale.

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Sell Your Kansas City House Fast: A Takeaway

There are many options if you need to sell your Kansas City house quickly. The fastest way to guarantee a quick sale on your home is to find a local real estate investor.

If you’re interested to see how much you can sell your house for, please reach out to Norton Home Solutions. We usually close house sales in the Kansas City area in seven days or less.

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