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Norton Home Solutions Founders Brad & McKenzie Davidson
Brad & McKenzie's Band The Center State

Brad Davidson and his wife McKenzie, have lived around the Kansas City area their whole lives.  But they haven’t always been involved in real estate.  Brad had acquired a Bachelor’s degree, a stable job, and was swimming in student loan debt when one day he realized he wasn’t fulfilling his true passion, helping people.  Years later, he learned about real estate and all the opportunities it provided to do just that!  Since then, Brad and McKenzie have founded Norton Home Solutions, quit their full-time jobs, been involved in numerous real estate transactions, and are currently fulfilling their true passions of helping others.

When they’re not talking with homeowners, looking at houses, or working on renovation projects, they’re performing together in their band.

Marketing Director | Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran Marketing Director About

Before Jonathan got into real estate, he was on a path into medicine. After working in clinical research and volunteering in hospitals, he realized medicine was not the way he wanted to help. He’s always had a heart for service, and knew he wanted to help people, but didn’t know how he was meant to do it.

Jonathan & Brad met at a real estate conference where they almost instantly connected on values and beliefs. Brad had been buying homes when they met but didn’t have a website. Jonathan had been managing marketing for his own website and they decided to venture into a partnership to help him get his message out and to help more homeowners out of challenging situations.

“When I first met Brad, I could see right away how good-hearted of a person he was. In just talking with him, I could hear that he truly led with his heart and was really passionate about serving and helping others.”

Norton Home Solutions Logo
“Helpers, not hagglers.”
  1. Helping People Comes First. Always.
  2. Be Fully Honest & Transparent
  3. Focus On Solving Problems

At Norton Home solutions, we work hard to give you as much help and information as you need. We have nothing to hide! Check out how Our Home Buying Process works, where we show you our Cash Offer Formula and real-life example.

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